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Ultra pro bike race mod apk

It sometimes turns out to be surprising how programmers and developers make simple game concepts turn into wonderful mobile titles. Racing games can especially turn out to be fairly satisfying and enjoyable because they do not involve much of complications and your only target is to stay ahead of others, while at the same time they can improve your response time and reflexes. People nowadays are looking to find updated versions of racing games as they have been existent since decades as of now. There are hundreds of racing games out there in the market but if you were to choose a bike racing game simulating the fearless bikers performing risky stunts in the circuses, Bike Race Mod APK is the go-to option for you.

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This amazing game brings you the thrill of riding a bike and carrying out all the stunts you would’ve seen in movies, without the fear of falling off and risking your life. This racing game is the most trading now and getting even more popular day by day. With hundreds of millions of downloads on the Play Store, this game allows you to compete with players from across the globe and test your gaming skills on a broader platform. This game can turn out to be a killer of your boredom and a stimulant of your adrenaline and most importantly, you can download it for free on Play Store, anytime, anywhere!

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What is ultra Bike Race Mod APK android?

Bike Race Mod APK is undoubtedly amongst the finest racing video games for Android! It is basically a modified version of a simulation game designed for those who want to live vicariously as a professional riders and cover perilous terrains on their bike. The controls of this game are very simple and all that you would need to do is, tilt your device to turn and maneuver your bike and tap the screen to suppress the gasoline pedal so you can reach faster speeds. Also if you tilt within the optimal range, you can control the steadiness of the bike when it goes aerial. The game can be played both online and offline so internet connectivity issue is also not a problem.

The story of the game is such that the game players become part of a novice biker’s adventure and compete to become the world’s best stunt performer. All possible types of bikes including bicycles, scooters, café racers and sports bikes are included in the game, giving the gamer choices to select from. The player is introduced to stimulating racing adventures where several challenges and varying levels of difficulties await and the aim is to beat your own best scores and establish new records so you get the opportunity to earn valuable loots. Apart from that, there are dozens of exciting tournaments to participate in and enhance your gaming skills by competing with the world. Moreover, you can join your friends in multiplayer races as well as in epic dual mode. Not to forget some amazing and fun features of this game which are discussed next in this article.

Unique features of Pro Bike Race Mod APK hack

Bike Race Mod APK brings you some very exciting features. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Easy and simple controls

Getting familiarized with the controls of the game does not require much of the player’s time because the game is based upon relatively simpler mechanics. All that is required to accelerate or brake your bike is a touch on either the right or left side of your device screen respectively. The tilt functionality allows you to lean your bike in certain directions, and to enhance the user-friendliness of the game, you can adjust the sensitivity of touch and lean options according to your own liking.

Dozens of awesome bikes available

Putting your abilities and skills over a wide range of bikes is made possible by this game. With each one having its own different sets of specifications and unique characteristics, the game features almost 16 wonderful bikes. Moreover, developers of the game also wish to release further new models of awesome bikes in this to keep the charm alive and make Bike Race a great way to spend your recreational time.

Variable upgrade features

The game allows players to carry out several upgrades to their bikes such as by cranking up the speed and setting up customizable controls such that the game becomes more compatible and comfortable for doing stunts and tricks. The Player also has the option to enable numerous new stunts in the course of races such that the ride becomes more capable.

Online multiplayer modes

For the pro ones out there looking to take their competitions online, Bike Race Mod APK gets them covered as well. The exciting online gameplay mode comprises a couple of multiplayer modes to enjoy according to your liking, which includes Dual and Tournament modes. In the dual mode, you go one-on-one against a competitor from any part of the world or it could be your friend, whereas the tournament mode involves competing with multiple contestants in a series of matches in form of a tournament.

Game Graphics

The graphics in this game are probably the simplest out there in the market, so they do not demand a lot of resources from the device in use. The graphics are in simple 2-D however, due to the intelligently designed characters and levels, the races are always highly intuitive and involving.

Sound effects and music

Despite not coming with pieces of music composed by sophisticated musicians, the audio experiences are still accurate and make the game enjoyable.

Requirements for downloading Bike Race Mod APK android

The game is surely a good alternative to break away from the traditional racing games such as Asphalt or Need for Speed which play with your nerves and make your time intense. The best thing about this game is that it is readily available on Google Play Store, so you can download it totally free of cost.  Make sure that your phone is updated with the latest operating software for a better experience and you’ll be required to allow some access permissions to enable all features of the game to work.

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Upgrade to Bike Race Pro Mod APK v7.7.9

By upgrading to the latest APK version which is, v7.7.9 you get to enjoy a better gameplay experience and additional features such as different tracks, improved graphics and a simpler user interface.

Setting up the game application


You are first required to install the APK file followed by copying and extracting the folder.

Set up your account

Your personal information such as email, username and password will be required to set up the account or else you could also connect the game to Facebook or Google Account to get registered.

Play and enjoy it!

Set the audio and video settings along with the controls and sensitivity according to your personal preference and you are set to go!


The Bike Race Mod APK is highly addictive and also very easy to play. It allows you to enhance your skills by competing at higher levels as well as with your pro gaming friends. The engaging soundtracks and lively graphics make it even more entertaining. So without wasting any more time, download Bike Race Mod APK and become a pro bike rider!

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What is modded apk?

Modded APKs are improved and modified versions of original mobile apps, to provide better features for the users.

Is Bike Race Mod APK free?

Yes, it is a totally free-to-play bike racing game.

Is it necessary for me to have access to the internet to play this game?

Bike Race can be played offline on your Android phone.

How to unlock bikes in bike race?

if you want to download all unlocked bike you can download this file from

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