KineMaster Diamond APK (No Watermark) for android

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KineMaster Diamond Mod APK

KineMaster Diamond APK allows you to edit your videos like professional video editors but without having to put in too much effort. Not all people are experts in using complex video editing software and so we are always looking for easy ways to edit our videos. Read on to learn all about this amazing application.

In the world of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, everyone is looking for ways to make their videos perfect so that they can stand out in the crowd. Millions of pictures and videos are being posted on the internet every single day and so the only way you can make your video unique is by editing it to the best of your capability.

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kinemaster diamond apk

What is the KineMaster Diamond Mod APK?

Originally released as the KineMaster app, this application is used by millions of content creators around the world to edit videos. Its wide range of tools as well as its easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect application for vloggers and bloggers all around the world.

The KineMaster Diamond Mod APK allows you to edit videos professionally on your phone with its unique and futuristic features. Being user-friendly, this app allows beginners to easily edit videos without having to seek professional guidance.

Basic specifications

Size24 MB
version required4.1 and up
CategoryVideo editor
Latest updateJune, 2021


KineMaster Diamond APK is popular for its amazing video editing for all social media platforms. Let’s learn about the unique and amazing features which helped put this application among the best of the best. Here’s a list of all the features and how they help make video editing easier for you.

  • No Watermark

Watermarks can be very annoying because they ruin the whole aesthetic of your content by popping up in the corner of your video. Removing watermarks on other apps requires you to subscribe to their premium version which can cost a lot of money. However, KineMaster Diamond Mod APK solves this problem for you by removing the watermark for free so that you can edit and post your video as you like.

  • Free Premium Features

We all know that feeling when you get excited about an application’s feature but then you click on it and it says that you need to pay for the premium subscription in order to use that feature. We are sure that most of you have been in that position. For those who have got their hearts broken by this, we have great news for you. The KineMaster Mod APK allows you to use all its premium features for free! Now, isn’t that just amazing?

  • Chroma Key Enabled

The chroma key is extremely important for video editing. It allows you to easily change the background of the video. This Mod APK comes with a chroma key enabled so that you can easily change your video’s background without too much hassle.

  • Enable Social Share

You also get the option to easily share your edited content on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. This means that you don’t have to put in any effort in order to export your video to these sites. You can quickly edit your videos and upload them on your social media handles on the go.

  • Music and Sound

You can also add custom music and sounds to your video by using this application. Pick any music track from the internet or record your own voice and then attach it with the video.

  • Quickly Export Videos

Export high-quality videos in 30FPS, 2160P and 4K very quickly and without having to wait for a long time. This saves you from the nuisance of having to wait a long time while your video slowly exports to your phone.

  • Built-In Camera

KineMaster Diamond APK also comes with its own built-in camera so that users can directly record videos and edit them on the go. This gives you the ease of use and makes the content creation procedure faster and much easier.

  • Emojis and Stickers

In order to add that extra oomph factor to your videos, you also have the option of adding built-in emojis and stickers. These help in making the videos more fun and so much more exciting.

  • Special effects

We see special effects in videos all the time and we always wonder how we can add them to our own videos. Most people think that it is very difficult to add these effects to your content however the KineMaster Diamond Mod APK proves otherwise. It allows you to increase or decrease the speed of your videos as per your requirement in order to make them more dramatic.

  • Combine different clips

This video editor also allows you to put together various different video clips in one single video. You can either add different video clips or you can add the same video multiple times as per your requirement.

  • Preview Video Instantly

This application also allows you to preview the video after making each change. This means that you will know the progress of your video and you don’t have to wait till the end to see your videos and make changes from the start if anything goes wrong. You can review the video as many times as you want and keep making changes until you are fully satisfied.

Additional features

KineMaster Diamond Mod APK also offers the following additional features which make it easier for you to edit your videos.

  • Brightness, saturation and hue controls
  • Frame-by-frame precise trimming
  • Variety of themes
  • Mosaic, blur and other effects
  • Animations and visuals
  • 3D transitions and transition effects


kinemaster diamond mod apk
kinemaster diamond apk
kinemaster diamond without watermark

How to download the KineMaster Diamond Mod APK?

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can download this application. Let’s go!

1. First click on the link given below to begin downloading this Mod APK.

2. As soon as you click on this link, the application will start downloading on your phone. It might take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet.

3. When the downloading completes, go into the files folder of your phone and you will see that this application will be available there.

4. Click on it to install it.

5. If you’re downloading such applications for the first time, it might ask you for permission to download files from unknown sources. You can go into your phone settings and provide this permission.

6. Once you have provided this permission, you can go back to the files and install the application.

7. Once the application has been installed on your phone, you can open it and start using it to edit your videos.

Difference between KineMaster and KineMaster Diamond?

The KineMaster Diamond is an updated version of the KineMaster application. Here are a few of their differences.

  • KineMaster Diamond offers more features as compared to KineMaster Diamond.
  • KineMaster Diamond allows you to remove the watermark from your videos whereas the KineMaster application does not.
  • It costs money to use the KineMaster application whereas KineMaster Diamond is absolutely free.

Is the KineMaster Diamond APK safe to use?

The app that we have provided you is not forked or coded. We assure you that it is a premium version of this application that is hosted on our site. We understand your concern about your safety because not all applications found on the internet are safe to use and might introduce viruses to your phone.

However, the application that we are providing has been tested on TrustGo and the emulator in order to ensure its safety. This application is definitely very safe for downloading. It will not introduce any malware onto your phone and you will be able to use all its amazing features while staying absolutely safe. This is our promise to you and we stick by our claims.

User reviews about kinemaster video editor app

goofy foot

I was looking for an intuitive video editing app and this was the best I’ve found. I hate looking for things. The only thing I would move are the fade controls. I would have a transition section. Also the moving of a clip along the timeline is weird. Should be able to stretch a clip to put into slow motion. Needs 4k 60fps compatibility please.


We hope that you were able to get the information you needed about the KineMaster Diamond APK. It is an amazing video editing application that allows you to use the various features it provides to help edit your videos. If you have any other questions, you can surely reach out to us and we would be more than happy to be of service. Until then, goodbye and good luck!


Q: how to remove kinemaster watermark?

if you want to remove the watermark from kinemaster then you need to download the premium app. but if you want a free kinemaster app then you can download it from

Q: This version will work on IOS devices?

now you can use this version only on android devices because this version is not made for ios.

Q: How can I download kinemaster diamond mod apk?

yes, you can download it easily from this website is from you all premium app for free. you can get an app with just one click.

Q: Does this mod have a cost?

no this is completely free. you can just download it without paying anything.

Q: what is the price of a premium kinemaster subscription?

if you want to buy a subscription it starts from 5 dollars. but why want to purchase when we provide you with this app free of cost

Q: Is this mod apk is safe or not?

this mod apk is completely safe and you can easily download it and enjoy it.


Download links

Download link

How to install KineMaster Diamond APK (No Watermark) for android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded KineMaster Diamond APK (No Watermark) for android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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